I have been living at Verdant Lane for 18 months and I feel very settled here. My experience with QVT has been helpful in multiple ways. One of the things that I enjoy most is volunteering. The QVT staff taught me how to volunteer and made me understand being involved in activities helps build skills and confidence. Also, in the activities, I have the chance to share my time with the other clients on the site. I am getting along with everyone here. The activities help us to be much closer and help us build connections.

The QVT staff are very friendly and helpful. Whenever I have a problem, they do their best to help me and make me feel calm. The way they are treating me is very understanding. I am also blessed to have a kind keyworker. Our sessions are very beneficial and helpful in that I always sort out my problems.Since I came here, I have become more confident and more outgoing.

QVT helped me to gain trust in myself—one of my best experiences that helped me to gain confidence is the cooking sessions. Because I wasn’t good at cooking before, I gained kitchen skills and health. I enjoy doing welcome boxes for new clients. I am always very welcoming.

Another helpful activity for me is coffee mornings in a way that broadens my knowledge and allows me to learn from other people’s experiences.

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