Regina’s* Story

I came to QVT in 2019. Prior to this I had been a resident at a women’s refuge after experiencing long term domestic violence from my partner.

I suffer from depression, severe social and generalised anxiety, and chronic pain as a result of trauma. My keyworkers felt that I would struggle with independent living after receiving support in refuge so they advised that they thought I would benefit significantly from entering supported accommodation.

I had experienced suicidal thoughts on two occasions whilst at the refuge as my husband had managed to track me down so I had to move three times.

I had no opportunity to engage with any therapy properly at that point as I had to keep moving. Since moving to QVT I have been feeling more positive about my situation and my mental health has started to improve. After discussions with the client development team I expressed an interest in training and courses in hairdressing and childcare. They had helped me contact some providers but due to Covid-19 lockdown over the past year I have not been able to join any sessions. I am looking forward to pushing ahead with this as soon as we can to help me gain qualifications so I can look for employment. I feel more content since being at QVT and realising that my life will be on track again soon.

It has been difficult due to Covid-19 and I have struggled in the past year but during this time I managed to socialise more with the other clients in my property. We would have coffee mornings organised by the activities team and this helped introduce us to each other as prior to this we did not interact at all. We all started talking more and looking out for each other. We all had Christmas lunch together which was also very nice.

Now because I know everyone in the house better, we sometimes sit and have a coffee in the garden or in the living room which we did not do before. This has also helped my mental health and it has made me mix with more people as it was so hard being in my room alone all day.

I hope to be able to move on to independent living one day and find employment, when I look back at how I was feeling a couple of years ago I am happy to see how much I have improved with support. In the meantime I would like to engage with some more art, craft and exercise activities”


*Not our client’s real name

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