Rashid’s* Story

A psychotic episode caused by drug misuse led me to Quo Vadis Trust. I joined QVT in August 2020 and was first moved to Verdant Lane. Before QVT I was dealing with a friendship breakup which was the root to my substance abuse, I was having a lot of mixed emotions such as anger, betrayal and confusion and the best way I thought to cope with that was to indulge in marijuana every single day. The marijuana was destroying me mentally and caused me to be sectioned for 26 days at a mental health hospital. Coming out of Ladywell mental unit I felt loneliness, suicidal thoughts and shame. I couldn’t believe what I had done to my life and how it could have all been avoided if I had taken the time to honour my feelings instead of trying to sweep it under the rug with drugs but it’s something I now know I had to go through to be stronger.

My journey with QVT has been extremely beneficial to my growth mentally, Verdant Lane was a beautiful residence, things to see and do, friendly people to interact with. I got along with everyone and made a great friend there. So I was diagnosed with first episode psychosis and was prescribed 15mg aripiprazole for a year. Staying at Verdant Lane they would be present in the morning to supervise me taking the meds for the first 3 months then by the end of November I starting taking my medication with no supervision. By the middle of December I was able to move to a more independent housing in Brockley

I’m extremely grateful for QVT as it they have contributed well to my better mental health with their housing, with their patient and understanding staff members and activities. Without QVT I would definitely be homeless, depressed, still consuming drugs and with no hope for a better tomorrow”

*Rashid – Not our client’s real name

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