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Supporting Recovery, Maximising Independence, Building Community

 Quo Vadis Trust provides social housing, care and support for people in South East London living with mental health needs.
We provide a supportive living environment for adults who are at risk. We work in partnership with our clients to support recovery, increase independence, maximise potential and promote the best possible quality of life

Quo Vadis Trust was founded in the 1990s and has been a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity since 2006. We have around 200 units of accommodation, in one-bed and studio flats and share houses, across 26 sites. We also have a registered care home, with ten units.

The majority of our Clients receive an enhanced supported housing service from our Supported Housing Officers, augmented with extra support from volunteers and peer supporters.

We also work with partners to ensure that our Clients have a range of opportunities in the community.

In recent years, as statutory funding has dwindled, we have become adept in increasing our activities without requiring extra statutory funding. We have a staff team of around 50 and a turnover of £3 million, and we want to ensure that these resources are put to the best use in supporting our Clients: assisting them to fulfill their needs, wishes and aspirations.

Our services have never been needed more than they are now. We have established strong working relationships with partner organisations in our area. We are working with them to ensure that our services continue to be available to the community during a period of rapid change.

Our relationships with our main partner local authorities are strong. They appreciate and understand the need for local people to be able to access our housing and support.

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You can help a person with Mental Health issues in South East London stay safe and get back on their feet at one of our supported housing schemes.

Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles that are most important about the way we work. Our values set the tone for our culture, and they set out what Quo Vadis Trust, as a whole, cares about.

We have identified our values as being:

  • Dignity
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Kindness

Community Engagement Strategy

Effective involvement of Clients is of central importance to QVT. We aim to build a reputation for involving Clients to design and use services within QVT, while also contributing to their local community and utilise the external services available to them. Our aim is to ensure that the services QVT provide are of high quality and that they are delivered in a comfortable, caring, compassionate and safe environment. QVT recognise that learning from the experiences of our Clients who use our service offerings is essential if QVT is to deliver on its aspiration.

The Strategy sets out the aim of ensuring that QVT Clients are routinely offered opportunities to participate meaningfully in the planning and delivery of our services. We recognise that relationships between people who use services and those who deliver should be based on mutual respect for lived experience and professional knowledge.

Evaluating QVT Services and that of external providers is critical to achieving our aim. QVT will need to carry out surveys and improve reporting tools to identify key areas of improvement necessary.

Actively involving Clients who use QVT Services and those offered in the local Community begins with a greater involvement in their own care and treatment. This can be done by:

  • Peer Support – offering and receiving help, based on shared understanding, respect and mutual empowerment between people in similar situations. Sharing experiences and coping strategies
  • Self- Management – the Client is enabled to make many decisions on how best to keep well, and put these decisions into practice.
  • Co-production – when a Client influences the support and services they receive, or when groups of Clients get together to influence the way services are designed, commissioned and delivered

QVT understands that recovery of our Clients and making steps towards independent living requires a person-centred holistic approach which includes:

  • Mental Health Needs
  • Personal Wellbeing
  • Social Relationships
  • ETE (education, training & employment)
  • Budgeting
  • Physical Health

To achieve success in all these areas, QVT’s Clients need to be active in their own Community. QVT aim to facilitate and inspire its Clients to attain this by continuing to forge relationships with service providers in our local area:

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Delivering mental health care and service with appropriately trained and skilled staff
  • Ensuring our housing and maintenance is agile in response and high quality in standard
  • Diversifying our portfolio to create additional income streams

QVT places much emphasis on the benefits of education and volunteering. Clients are encouraged to attend MINDLIFT courses run by Adult Education Lewisham. They provide a plethora of courses from IT, Maths, English, Drama, Horticulture, Yoga, Cooking on Budget and many more.

Similarly, Deptford Reach offer valuable beginners courses in English, Maths & IT.

Awareness and insight of Clients’ own Mental Health is pivotal to their wellbeing. SLAM Recovery College offer the following:

  • Understanding MAP Community Assessments for the Assessment and Liaison service
  • Overcoming Panic Disorder
  • Introduction to Psychological Therapies
  • Understanding Bipolar Disorder
  • Understanding Depression
  • Understanding Anxiety
  • Understanding Panic Disorder
  • Understanding Personality Disorder
  • Understanding Self Harm
  • Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Morley College has been useful for Clients who have wanted to start their own Business or study subjects such as Hair & Beauty.

The benefits of gaining work experience has been invaluable for Clients who volunteer. It promotes social inclusion and reduces isolation. Services can be found at:

  • Volunteer Centre Lewisham
  • Volunteer Action Lewisham
  • Volunteer Services Lewisham

Financial worries can be of great burden for our Clients. Meridian Money and Evelyn 190 Centre have contributed greatly in alleviating worries of several Clients.

QVT has established a working relationship with Sharon Killick from Social Inclusion Recovery Services (SIRS). SIRS provides person-centred support with the aim of enabling people to explore their goals and ambitions, to become more independent, to stay well, and to feel part of their community. They offer a 12 week service working with QVT’s Clients to assess their needs and develop individually-tailored Support plans. This may include: This may include:

  • Support to manage day to day living
  • Advice and support to access/retain employment, voluntary work, training and education
  • Assessment of independent living skills
  • Establishment of routines and social network
  • Development of leisure and creative interests
  • Signposting to a range of community resources
  • Support on being discharged from hospital
  • Help to develop a healthy lifestyle to improve/maintain mental health and wellbeing
  • Advice regarding eligibility to access a ‘Personal Budget’
  • Maximisation of Welfare Benefits for those receiving a service from SIRS
  • Encouraging Clients to build their Community, and establish new networks is achieved by utilising many of the social and activity organisations in South East London. Arts Network, Cooltan Arts, Dragon’s Café and Sydenham
  • Gardens have been of use to our Clients

Likewise, Drop In Centres like the 999 Club & Lighthouse Social are imperative for the social lives of several of our Clients.

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