We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been working with Lewisham Council to help with homeless crisis aid, needed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Using Bramdean House, one of our 9 bed schemes based in Lewisham, we’ve managed to provide 24 hour housing support for verified homeless rough sleepers. Previous occupants of the scheme with low mental health needs have been reallocated to other schemes or have successfully regained independence and are now living in their own flats.

In addition to this, Quo Vadis Trust have also secured 3 new properties and made these available to house rough sleepers. In total we have 26 rooms available to people who would otherwise be homeless this winter.

Our schemes are not just a bed for the night- we are providing food, clothing and toiletries, as well as help with available benefits, access to a GP and support to move on and rebuild their lives.

The initiative, which has been in place before Christmas, aims to provide a warm, welcoming environment for homeless people – an example of which was when we decorated Bramdean for Christmas and offered Christmas dinner for all.

James Davies, Head of Operations at QVT, says:

“The homelessness crisis has been amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic, with traditionally used bases, such as dormitories in church halls, unable to operate due to the close nature of beds and facilities. Numbers of homeless people have also increased due to loss of jobs and challenging financial and personal circumstances within the last year.

One of the biggest challenges facing local authorities is the ability to successfully move those housed in emergency COVID-19 accommodation into permanent and secure housing – QVT is proud to be part of this initiative and aim to bridge this gap and support councils at a time of great need”.

It is during difficult times like these that service providers and communities need to come together in joint effort to support those most in need.

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