peer support activity

Last year we were lucky enough to have been awarded a grant from the Postcode Community Trust, which is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery., which was to enable us to fund our activities programme at QVT, and to also include the cost of staff salaries.

Despite Covid-19 throwing a bit of a spanner in the works and delaying some of our activities (although we were granted an extension until the end of June this year which was most welcome), we are delighted to report that we delivered everything as planned, and have made a significant difference to the lives and wellbeing of our clients.

Examples and benefits of our grant spend include:

– 100% of participants in our Peer Support activities responding to our evaluation survey said they would recommend the programme, with participants citing benefits ranging from increased confidence (55%) to increased understanding of mental health (50%). We have since worked to formalise our Peer Support Network through consistent, regular sessions made possible by this funding.

– 100% of Managing Tenancy Workshop participants said that their understanding of how to manage their responsibilities as tenants had improved, with one beneficiary saying: “This training has helped me to look ahead, to know I have options and that there are support organisations out there that I can contact for support. I used to think I am alone but now I know I am not. I feel like a person again.”

– 100% of participants in our Budgeting Sessions stated that their understanding of budgeting had improved thanks to the project, with learning about how to set up a personal budget and budgeting tips being the most useful take-aways according to participant feedback.

The above are just some examples of how being awarded a grant like this can assist with making big and small changes to our clients’ lives.

We are extremely grateful and privileged to have been awarded our grant from the Postcode Community Trust, and look forward to sharing more updates and case studies soon.