Our Care Leavers’ Stories

The care leavers scheme here at Quo Vadis Trust is for young people aged 18-25 years old who have just left the care system. The aim of the scheme is to provide support: whether it’s emotional support, with their benefits, or with regards to their education. We also aid them in applying for jobs, along with the help of the Young People’s personal advisors from Social Services.

This support helps them prepare themselves to be able to live independently, and throughout their time at the scheme they will be bidding to be able to move into their own council assisted housing.

Our charity wants to make sure that these young people are in the best position for that move, and that they go on to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

“ QVT are proud to continue to make a difference to those who come to us for that special touch. We continue to be dedicated to being the difference in all that we do , say and are.” Ingrid Tennessee, QVT CEO

We hear from two of our care leavers about their experience so far at Quo Vadis Trust:

“I have been at QVT for the last four months and have found the support that has been provided to me by my housing officer and other staff to be beneficial to me. I had issues with finding work as I didn’t know how to apply for jobs or know what exactly I wanted. But my housing officer provided much needed support by sitting with me and asking me what I wanted to do and brainstorm ideas on the options I have. My housing officer also helped me by sending me apprenticeships and helping me to apply for the apprenticeships too. I felt that I was being listened to and that my needs were being met as I felt that the support was centred around what I wanted to do rather than what they thought I should do which helped me feel more motivation to complete all the applications for apprenticeships.

I also felt that QVT has looked after me really well, especially when I have had issues as staff listened to me when I had problems and did their best to help me solve the issues I had and if I was at fault, they would make sure that they tell me that too so that I can become more well rounded as a person. I never felt that the critiques I received was harsh as it was always said in a nice way and in a way that allowed me to understand what I did wrong and what I could do differently”.

“I have been at QVT for the last 5 months, and love being here. I feel like my housing officer is my psychiatrist as she deals with all of my problems whether it’s my man problems or problems with my mum. She always listens to me and makes me feel like I’m being heard and I can speak to her anytime. I also feel that I have more support at QVT than at any other place I have been placed at and there is only one person working here at QVT who supports me which says a lot about the support I get. I also know that Monique even though she is behind the scenes is always there and is supportive about anything I do too.

I have loved being at QVT, and feel like it’s home in a way that I haven’t felt before at other homes I have stayed in.”

If you are interested in hearing more about our care leavers schemes, you can contact us HERE.

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