I’ve been with QVT for just over 3 years. I spent 7 months at Verdant Lane before I came here to Woodyates. Verdant Lane was brilliant. I was in a bad way when I came into QVT. Having been homeless, Verdant Lane helped me to be calmer, and they helped with benefits and starting to get my life back on track. They’ve been really good.

The activities at Verdant Lane helped improve my small talk and be more social.

I dealt with my move to Woodyates with a few hours of support per day very well. I was always aware that if there was a problem, I could call my housing officer or call Verdant Lane.

I’ve learnt over these two and half years when I should stop and take a break, and I’m managing my own mental health better. I’ve got a lovely room and my own bathroom. I only share a kitchen. For the last two and a half years, this has been my home, and I love it. I am on my way out now to live in independent housing in a couple of months, and I am ready for that step.

I am a volunteer for QVT as well and have been heavily involved over the last year and a half. I brought a client’s perspective to the organisation.  As I’m relatively alright most of the time now, my intention now is to make QVT better for other people. I am trying to make QVT a better place, giving back. Volunteering is to improve QVT as a whole. We’ve had great volunteers. They’re really beneficial and friendly, and it’s extremely good for us.


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