nature picnicThis week we’ve been fully supporting and embracing Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 and its theme this year of ‘nature’. As our CEO, Ingrid, explained in our last blog post, having the chance to be immersed in nature as much as possible is deemed so, so important for good mental health. Here at QVT, we have always offered a range of ‘outdoorsy’ activities for our clients, and the gardens at our schemes are well-utilised for both gardening and relaxation purposes.

Yesterday at our Verdant Lane scheme our clients enjoyed a picnic within the gardens, and fully embraced it despite the changeable weather (along with some great 80s’ music as a background!). Our clients and team discussed the theme of ‘nature’ and the benefits to mental health, and it was lovely to hear their thoughts:

Terry spoke about how he enjoyed sitting outside in the courtyard at Verdant as “It is peaceful and you cannot hear any cars, it makes me feel calmer and take things easy”.

Paul P told us about how he remembers “the weather and outdoors in Jamaica as being much nicer and warmer and I always enjoyed being outside” ( we can’t say we blame him for feeling this way, the weather in the UK has been slightly dubious so far this year!)

Thomas mentioned about how he enjoys sitting in the garden in house b where all of the flowers and plants are and how he enjoys looking after the plants and watering them.

Everyone somehow got onto the subject of ‘tree hugging’ and if there were any benefits to this (see pictures!)- the jury is out on the positive effects of this!

What everyone was in agreement with was how being unable to be out as much during the pandemic had affected their mental health, and all agreed that it had been very difficult. They were very happy that now they could start enjoying more time outside, especially as the weather improves.

We’re so looking forward to being able to commence our usual activities with our clients after what has felt like a very long year and winter!

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