We’d like to wish all of our clients, staff, Trustees and supporters/followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We know that this year has been undoubtedly a challenging one for many people, and we’d like to send you all positive and healthy wishes going into 2022.

Our CEO, Ingrid, also has a few words:

“We are approaching another ‘interesting’ festive break. Again this year, like last year, we are existing in a landscape of doubt. Never could we have guessed we would be experiencing such times in the 21st century. This is indeed sobering. At this moment I pause to offer thought for those who have lost loved ones and those battling the effect of Covid on their lives and livelihood. For those individuals, families and businesses that have suffered and continue to suffer, I offer a sincere wish for easing of your pain and your challenges as we prepare to end 2021 and welcome 2022.
In terms of our business and charity, I offer special thanks to our Trustees, staff and partners for supporting us, for continuing to commit to our strategy, and for guiding us in achieving and surpassing our targets. To our clients, families and significant others, I extend warmest felicitations for the end of year festive period.
I’m looking forward to embracing 2022 with hope and positivity for us all, and for those of us who are part of the QVT family, I say to you, may each of you who are reading this message experience peace, good health, stability and fulfilment, not only now but going forward.
I remain your humble servant, Ingrid”
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