It’s been a year since I started living in the Chudleigh scheme at Quo Vadis Trust. My family, church network and previous key worker found this organisation when my previous supported housing had to close down due to funding issues. When I first came, I was apprehensive about making friends. It took me a few months to open up with my new keyworker after the pandemic, where I was very isolated. My keyworker noticed that I needed extra support and carried out several key sessions.

Over time, I felt seen as a unique individual and recognised the help I could benefit from in all aspects of my life. As part of the LGBTQ community, I find QVT very supportive; all staff and peers are always respectful. I needed support to gain motivation with household tasks and gain confidence in myself that I could reach a better future.

This year I had access to different sessions that boosted my independence. I enjoyed Healthy eating, which taught me having a balanced diet does not have to take much money or time; also, digital safeguarding so that I can protect myself from online scammers that particularly target minorities and people with disabilities.

The Head Office asked for my help to modify the QVT handbook to be more client-friendly, breaking down the jargon and making it more accessible for everyone. I felt very good seeing that my point of view was seen, and I would like to continue participating in organisational tasks within QVT. For that reason, I recently became a volunteer and decided to create this newsletter.

My goal is to reach as many people as possible and help them find a path to pursue. QVT is helping me a lot with becoming who I really am and encouraging my independence.

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