Graeme’s Story

I have been living in QVT for about four years. I have been first in the house where we had 24 hours support, and then I moved to Adelaide Lodge, where staff support us a few hours a day.

I like to live here and get on with everybody. My key worker is offering good support and is always available to me.

I like a lot doing art, and I have been attending art groups. My artwork is displayed on the wall in the activities room.

I have also attended meditation and mindfulness in the past. These sessions helped me with my mental health.

Animal therapy was good fun, and helped me release stress; I could learn more about animals, hold them and stroke them.

I have been attending healthy eating sessions, and I learned a lot about how to cook. Now I am doing simple meals by myself.

Recently I have also been attending walking groups organised by QVT, and now I started walking daily.

Before coming to QVT, I lived with my parents; I might be completely independent and live on my own one day.

QVT support and activities helped me with my cooking and healthy eating. I am more independent, and I can better manage my daily tasks like tidying and cleaning.  My mental health has improved;

I am not depressed and feel much calmer. I am more cheerful and look positively into the future. I have enrolled in Mind Lift Courses in Adult Education Centre and am looking forward to starting yoga,  art mono-printing, and manufacturing pottery.

QVT says…

Graeme is very modest. However, he has excellent artistic skills, and his artwork was an inspiration in creating a joint project with Art Network in September 2018. We enlarged his artwork and projected on onto nine canvases, outlined and numbered. Then clients joined and followed up painting by numbers activity. This incredible piece of art is now decorating the QVT Activities Room.

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