Hi all, please find below a link to the latest round-up of advice on getting tested for Covid-19.

Here’s a reminder for our clients (and team) when it comes to your household and what to do if you suspect you have Covid-19:


·         At a community scheme where there are shared facilities, if you believe you have symptoms you must immediately self-isolate in your room.

·         Staff will tell the rest of the household they must self-isolate too (they do not have to stay in their room, although this is the safest option).

·         Staff will assist you with getting a test as quickly as possible.

·         If the test is negative then self-isolation ends.

·         If the test is positive, the 10-day isolation period begins for the whole household and any of your close contacts from the first day of symptoms.

·         Staff will help isolating households with provision of food, medicines and other essentials.

·         PPE and sanitiser will be provided to isolating households (available from Verdant Lane).



If you have any concerns or queries about the above, then please do speak to a team member.

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