QVT Trust is dedicated to strengthening the ways it engages with people who use its services
and enabling them to become better involved in helping design, shape and monitor services
to ensure they continually improve and meet the needs of our local communities. In this
strategy we aim to build on our relationships with clients so there is greater parity and
opportunities for genuine collaboration.

The changes we make in QVT are co-produced with
our clients. We recognise that equality issues of religion, race, disability, sexuality, age,
gender, ethnicity, and culture among other personal circumstances, must be integral to
clients’ involvement. We aim for all clients to be treated with respect and dignity and valued
as equal citizens.

This strategy focusses on our ambition to create more opportunities for clients to get
involved in all parts of the organisation and to co-produce service improvements and new
service design.

Please click HERE to read and download the full strategy

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