Caroline’s Story

I have been living at Adelaide Lodge, and my experience of staying in the service has been very beneficial, and I have learned skills to improve my independence.

I am getting on with everyone in the house. Every day we bump into each other in the kitchen and the lounge and have daily chats.

QVT staff support me with my physical and emotional needs. I am receiving ongoing help form my keyworker, and if I have any problems, I can always bring them to her.

I have also been attending activities QVT provided for us. I enjoyed walking groups, healthy eating and creative writing sessions.

I enjoyed working with volunteers, and I have one volunteer who visits me frequently. We play scrabble, we go for a walk or do some household tasks. Playing scrabble keeps my mind occupied and focused.

I have also received one to one art therapy provided by a student who was on placement with QVT.  These sessions were almost a year and helped me with my mental health. I could put my thoughts and feelings together and express them through art. I benefited a lot from this service because I could concentrate on my relationships.

QVT support and help from volunteers improved my well being. Meeting with the volunteers reduced my isolation.  I am more confident and independent, and I can better manage my relationships.  I look better after myself, and I pay attention to my appearance.

I look forward to new activities after lockdown.  I am thinking about doing a computer course, and I would like to do some more cooking lessons.



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