fireworks at Quo Vadis Trust

A slightly delayed post today on our fantastic Bonfire Night at Verdant Lane, as we’ve been carrying out some ‘behind the scenes’ tech updates to our website, but better late than never!

We were fortunate that even though it’s been lockdown this month, Verdant Lane counts as one site so we were allowed to hold our event.
To organise this took a massive team effort, so we’d like to thank Joe, Michael, Eka and Ahmet who were all there helping, as well as a special mention to client Scott who loved taking part in the organising, serving food and making sure clients stayed socially distanced. He was amazing both with set up, during and after the event.
Great fun was had by all, and Eka serenaded us with her guitar and clients had a sing-song, along with fireworks, sparklers, bonfire and a bbq. We also marked the upcoming ‘Alcohol Awareness Week’ with ‘Cherry Explosion Mocktails’, which was a nice link to a week that we support every year. We can confirm that the sparklers were a big hit with both clients and staff alike, and as we were dealing with fireworks, the team made sure a comprehensive risk assessment was carried out in advance of the event.
We can’t emphasise enough how important these social events are for the mental wellbeing of our clients, although due to the current climate we had to keep numbers limited. Obviously, it would have been lovely to invite all QVT residents but hopefully we can do this next year and everyone can benefit from a lovely bonfire night celebration!

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