Christians Against Poverty – Debt Counselling Centre Opening in Lewisham

Hi all,

We thought we’d share today a new initiative opening in Lewisham that might well be useful for some of you – the Christians Against Poverty Debt Counselling Centre.

Church congregations are so concerned with the financial hardships of their local communities they have partnered with a charity to offer debt counselling.

Members of Grace Church Brockley, amongst others, wanted to better serve people living with the pressure of debt and got in touch with UK debt counselling charity Christians
Against Poverty (CAP). After much fundraising, they plan to offer the new, free service from late November 2020.

Grace Church Brockley Pastor, Ray Brown, said: “Debt stress can be so destructive. It affects family relationships, health and can be very isolating. As a compassionate community, we wanted to provide people with a route out of debt and CAP is distinct because it does that in
partnership with the church.

“Sometimes people feel they’ve made mistakes but very often they’ve been driven into debt by suffering from job loss, relationship breakdown or coping with illness in the family or a bereavement – situations that are often difficult, emotional and have a financial impact. We’re now in the process of putting a dedicated Debt Centre Manager and key members of our church through training with CAP to offer a face-to-face, tried-and-tested professional service which will see people escape that debt trap and get their lives back on track. Initially, the service will be phone based to adhere to Government social distancing guidelines.”

CAP has around 300 church-based debt help centres across the UK offering a free service.

To book an appointment call 0800 328 0006, visit, or speak to one of our team members who can also help. The Local contact is Melanie Lee, who can be reached on or 07968719597.

You can read more about Christians Against Poverty, and how they could help you below:

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