Life after Lockdown here at QVT

Whilst we are extremely mindful that the risks of Covid-19 most certainly haven’t gone away, it’s been lovely to be able to begin to resume some of the activities that our clients so enjoy, and that are extremely good for their mental wellbeing.

With the help of our fantastic Activities Team and volunteers, we’ve been able to run these in a socially distanced fashion where appropriate, and have taken precautions in the form wearing of masks when needed and good hand washing practices.

We thought we’d share some photos of some our most recent activities!

Our art therapy sessions for clients have been able to resume again which has been fantastic! They’re always so popular with our clients and are a enjoyable, relaxing way to spend an afternoon and socialise.

We have now been able to host some BBQs for clients, including this one at Verdant Lane:

We’ve also been delighted to welcome volunteer student Eka, who is a student from Goldsmiths University on placement with us, and who ran some music therapy sessions for our clients. They had a great time singing old songs they remembered!

Our clients have also benefited recently from…

Continuing with gardening (these pumpkins belonging to our client, Francis, are certainly doing well!)

…and enjoying healthy eating sessions (being cooked for at the moment by our team, rather than being actively hands on, but this will hopefully change in the near future)

As is the same for many businesses and charities at the moment, it’s a tricky time to navigate, but we’re adapting and carrying on our good work as we know how important it is for our clients.

If you want to find out more about helping us, through volunteering or a donation, please visit our ‘Contact us’ page. 

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