Our Grant from the Postcode Community Trust (People’s Postcode Lottery)

We’ve got some really, really great news here at QVT today- we have been awarded a large grant from the Postcode Community Trust, which is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.

We applied for the grant from the Peoples Postcode Lottery under their Active Lives scheme to fund our activities programme at QVT, to include the cost of staff salaries.

We’re delighted to announce that we were successful, and have been awarded £19,165 to spend in this calendar year 2020. In return for the grant we want to offer the following:

  1. 48 peer support sessions providing vulnerable clients with non-judgemental support
  2. 48 healthy eating sessions to include food budgeting and saving money
  3. 12 one to one personal budgeting sessions
  4. 12 group life skills workshops to cover managing mental health and money management
  5. 4 tenancy and community sustainment workshops

The grant is allocated to cover the costs of running the activities, to include equipment, materials, volunteer DBS checks and volunteer expenses, among other things.

What difference will our project make?

We hope to benefit around 200 people in the borough of Lewisham in the following ways:

• Improved mental and physical health and wellbeing
• Improved money management skills
• Stronger community support networks leading to reduced loneliness and isolation
• Recovery of confidence and self-esteem
• Feeling more valued by becoming peer mentors or volunteers
• Greater access to other activities provided by QVT and other community groups – especially important for the most
isolated who tell us they would otherwise stay in their rooms all day

We look forward to sharing regular updates here on our blog and also on our social channels as to how we’re spending the money, so stay tuned!

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