Verdant Lane Open Day

Last week was a busy one here for us all at QVT, with staff conferences, external conferences, plus our open day at Verdant Lane which ended up being a huge success thanks to our staff, clients, volunteers and contributors!

Our open day agenda was a packed one, with offerings of art classes, Tai Chi, smoothie making, meditation and a BBQ, plus a highlight which was a visit from The London Fire Brigade. Our clients got to hear more about how the firefighters get themselves and their engines ready for action, plus have a go with some of the equipment themselves (always fun!)

Our art session produced some fantastic results, and we have some very talented clients.

Below is some stunning artwork by one of our clients- originally a small A4 picture, then projected onto the wall and the outline drawn in pencil. Each section was numbered for a different colour and several other clients painted it. Just beautiful!

All in all a successful day and we can’t thank everyone enough for all their help and support, especially our volunteers and The London Fire Brigade for giving up their time to come and see us!

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