CEO Visit to LA Police

Our CEO recently had the pleasure of visiting the LAPD Department initially as a guest of a colleague but then on introducing QVT’s purpose to the host, was accommodated to take an inside look at their Homelessness initiatives.

Ingrid was hosted at the Unified Homelessness Response Center – Operations West Bureau and Valley Bureau, the Innovation & Strategic Planning Division, the Los Angeles Mission and The Center at Blessed Sacrament, all focussing on interventions and offering support for those suffering homelessness in LA.

It was inspiring and very humbling to see the range of services which the LA police department is offering. Their holistic support includes one project called El Pueblo, a settlement offering single unit homes surrounded by a farm where those living there, can participate in horticultural activities, farming and utilising the supplies therein. There is also an outreach worker based in the team who supports the first responders. Psychologists accompany officers on visits whilst referrals and onward support encompasses close work with statutory and third sector organisations. There are other projects in the pipeline and there is no doubt that behind the scenes much strategic planning is underway to focus on the huge issue of homelessness in this city.

Ingrid confirmed that had she not visited and had a first-hand look at the magnificent work these inter police departments are undertaking, it would have been hard to believe. It is absolutely marvellous that the police are paying, servicing and planning for an area of provision which one would not expect in their remit.

Ingrid wishes to thank Chief Sean Malinowski, for enabling her visits to the numerous arms of the LAPD, Commander Dominic Choi for introducing her to his team of very dedicated and committed Officers, Captain Jonathan Pinto for organising all visits and for being overall responsible for getting her from site to site, Jacqui for organising the fly along ,Cynthia, Jim and Trevor for driving her to the various rendezvous points and of course to Lieutenant Emada Tinigrides, Officers Marco Ramirez, Robert Chellew ,LAHSA Matthew Tenchavez and Sanitation Lead Salvador Rosales- the goodies served well on the flight back and In and Out Burgers was a whopper!

See below for some photographs of the various visits and of course, now that we have links with the LA Mission we will be sharing art work with Georgia Van Cuylenburg; who is known for her various art pieces in and around LA. Lucy our Activities Coordinator will be exhibiting our clients’ art work with her and we hope for a partnership online gallery of works along with works from Australia and LA! Alongside this, we will be linking with Brent Davis the Director of Arts Program at The Center, Blessed Sacrament to co – facilitate skype peer support and art groups.

These are indeed exciting times for collaboration across the waters!

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