Recovery Month in Lewisham

September is National Recovery Month, a time when we celebrate recovery even more than we do every other day. The month provides a space to focus on what we are all doing in order to achieve recovery and bring communities together to celebrate what recovery means to us.

The theme for this years event is ‘Roads to Recovery’, which represents the journey we are on while working towards recovery, the small and significant steps we take to get to our goals and the overall destination we are working towards. We each have a different understanding of what recovery means to us and it is important that we embrace these differences as we can draw inspiration from others (as well as be in a position to inspire others).

Throughout the month we will be looking at different areas of life, which can present their own unique challenges, but are a vital part of our recovery:

Week 1: Health, Wellbeing and Self-Care

As we open Recovery Month, we will be focussing on how important our health and wellbeing is as part of our recovery. During this week there will be a range of activities on offer to promote health and wellbeing, with information available on how to self-care. Recovery Month also explores the role of Service User Involvement and Peer Support, considering how this valuable support can be offered. Services will be promoting the role of service users and peer mentors within recovery throughout the month.

Week 2: Safer Neighbourhood/Safer Communities

In order to maintain our long-term recovery and ensure we feel supported in our communities we need to develop a greater awareness of who is available to support us, what they can do to meet our needs and how we can learn to live safely, and without risk of offending or arrest.

Week 3: Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is a term for when someone experiences a mental illness and a substance abuse problem simultaneously. Dual diagnosis is a very broad category. It can range from someone developing mild depression because of binge drinking, to someone’s symptoms of bipolar disorder becoming more severe when that person abuses substances during periods of mania. During this week we will be able to consider the impact mental health has on our recovery, as well as the opportunities for support available.

Week 4: Family & Carers

During this week we will be recognising the important role family and carers play in recovery, as well as acknowledging the impact substance use has on the people who are in our lives. During this week there will be events to celebrate the value of family (whether this means biological or social, big or small). We will also be encouraging people to consider how they can re-establish links with supportive members of their own family or friends.

For more information and the timetable of events please click here

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