Verdant Lane Relaunch

On Friday 6th October 2017, QVT had a relaunch of our Verdant Lane site. QVT are pleased to announce that we have recently purchased the remaining two properties on the site. Verdant Lane is QVT’s “flagship site”, being staffed 24/7 while housing 22 Clients across 4 houses in a private setting. For more information about Verdant Lane and indeed our other Schemes in QVT’s portfolio, please click here

The relaunch of Verdant Lane was an opportunity for Clients and staff alike to socialise. QVT’s stakeholders, whether they be mental health professionals or commissioners from Lewisham Council were also in attendance. A special thanks to our Clients, Francis, Paul & Darren who provided cooking, baking, music and decorations. “Animal Days Out” delivered further entertainment with a collection of their exotic species from the animal kingdom.

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