We thought we'd come on today to give our readers and supporters an update of what the activities and volunteer team have been doing at this strange & difficult time.


Due to the fact that we were unable to continue our normal weekly activities that we provide clients in person, we decided to look at ways to adapt the service we offer. Akjen, our Activities and Volunteer Coordinator, assumed the role of helping clients with collecting medication and shopping, essential for those who are currently vulnerable and isolating. Akjen became a group member of all of the local mutual aid Whats App groups that covered all of our sites, and made contact with them to explain what we're doing and how we may need some assistance.


The response has been amazing, and we have had a large number of requests from clients that have all been actioned by volunteers Akjen found. Clients ask their housing officer to forward their shopping list, and Akjen pust out a request message in their area. When a volunteer responds they are sent the list and address of client. Shopping is then dropped off at the client’s front door, pictures of the receipt sent and then forwarded to our finance team. Payment is then transferred to the volunteer to minimise contact with cash and clients, and then money collected by housing officers from our clients for the shopping.

It's worked really well so far and we are so grateful to all of the volunteers who have helped us at this time, as many of the queues at pharmacies and supermarkets are rather tedious at the moment.


Where there's a will there's a way!

We look forward to returning to offering our usual activities face to face, and will keep you updated as we constantly adapt to the changing situation