Quo Vadis Trust (QVT) is a specialist housing charity in South East London. We provide a service to people who suffer with varying levels of mental ill health and who need support with their housing. QVT currently provides homes to approximately 150 people in South East London. Our range of support, both on and off the premises, helps each individual client to maximise their independence.

The Board of Trustees of Quo Vadis Trust is the body accountable for all aspects of the work of the Trust. The main role of the Board is to govern the organisation and ensure that it fulfils its’ charitable objectives in the most efficient and effective manner, consistent with its values and approaches. It is also responsible for ensuring that monies received in furtherance of those objectives are applied effectively.

The Board of Trustees has been put in place to manage the charity’s resources effectively, provide long-term vision and protect its reputation and values. At all times the Board retains ultimate responsibility and accountability for all aspects of the Trust’s work. However, it does not get involved in the day-to-day operations of the Trust, as operational responsibility is delegated to the staff through the CEO.

Please note that this is a voluntary role and that a demonstrable Legal and Public Relations background is desirable. 

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